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2017 Winner:

Congratulations to CLIRINX who were announced one of the winners in the Emerging New Business Category 2017

CLIRINX is a medical research IT company that provides state-of-the-art software and IT services to medical researchers who study human diseases. The software allows researchers to collect pristine data using web-based tools from doctors and patients, and includes features like electronic data collection, patient protocol management and specimen management. Thus far, CLIRINX have partnered with organisations like Lurie Children’s Hospital, Baylor College of Medicine, Rett Syndrome Research Trust, Dravet Foundation, Mayo Clinic and Emory University to accelerate discovery of new cures and better treatments for patients with chronic diseases such as Rett Syndrome, Dravet Syndrome, Early Onset Epilepsies and KCNQ2 genetic mutations.

Pictured in the photograph are from (L-R) Sue O'Neill, Chair, SFA, Pat Breen TD, Minister for Employment & Small Business with Emerging New Business winner, Gerry Nesbit, CLIRINX and Oonagh Mc Cutcheon, Customer Operations Manager, IE Domain Registry, sponsor of the Emerging New Business category.